Short Film - 2018 - 6 Minutes

Charles is deeply in debt and desperate to save his kidnapped dog.

In a last-ditch effort to secure the ransom, Charles returns home to ask his wealthy, widowed mother for help.

An unimaginable bargain is struck.


St. Louis Intl. Film Festival (Oscar-Qualifier) - HollyShorts (Oscar-Qualifier) - Monster Fest (Australia) - Ithaca Fantastik (Best WTF! Short)

Montclair Film Festival - Boston Underground - Sarasota Film Festival - FilmQuest - Sidewalk Film Festival - Sick’n’Wrong (Best Film)

Arizona Underground - Bushwick Film Festival - South Carolina Underground - GenreBlast III - Nightmares Film Festival

South Texas Underground - Snake Alley Festival of Film - Iron Mule Comedy - Stuff MX (Mexico)



Okay, alright, let’s get this out of the way: I do NOT want to have sex with my mother. Seriously, I’m serious. MOTHER FUCKER is a dark comedy about family and wealth in America, starring Nick Bailey (Red Oaks, The Get Down) & two-time Tony nominee Alison Fraser.

A midnight movie that takes on the challenge of making the audience laugh and vomit through their discomfort at the ultimate taboo: incest. Speaking of, did you know that incest was the number #1 category on PornHub in 2016? Well, it was. How interesting.

This is a film that delves into what one man would do for money and one woman would do for love.

We all have complicated relationships with our mothers, what would you do?


Note: This is the only film about incest to be photographed in an ex-president’s summer mansion this year.

I promise. The only one. This year. The year of our Lord 2017.


Additional Note: Sorry, mom.


Additional Additional Note: Inspired by the incest vibes coming from a certain family that lives in a certain white house.


Additional Additional Additional Note: The characters and events in this motion picture are fictional and any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, including Donald J. Trump, Eric Trump, Donald Trump Jr. or any member of the Trump family, is purely coincidental.




Director: Nicholas Payne Santos

Producers: Kristy Marie Richman & Matthew John Lawrence

Director of Photography/Colorist: Kyle I. Kelley

Assistant Director: Nathan Hong Fisher

Assistant Camera: Selman Nelcar

Hair & Makeup Artist: Tara Carrara

Location Sound: Maxime Graftiaux

Editors: Nicholas Payne Santos, Adam R. Brown

Sound Design: Jordan Eusebio

Composer: Christopher Marti

Production Assistants: Nicholas Carlascio, Julian Garcia



Nick Bailey

Alison Fraser



Terrence Keene